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How can Social Media get you Fired?

Almost everyone these days uses some form of Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr…..the options are endless. But did you know that posting on these social forums might have the ability to get you fired from your job?!

Most people have an understanding of what kind of inappropriate behavior can get them fired at their workplace, such as discrimination, harassing individuals, lewd comments, or bashing authority, but did you also know that posting inappropriate content on social media platforms can also have grounds for getting fired? Now, most people might think that personal accounts would be exempt from the workplace scrutiny but can see what you post if you allow and can react accordingly.


And I know what you are thinking….well aren’t websites like these supposed to be personal? Well yes and no.



Most people’s first reaction is to state that the first amendment should protect them in such situations. The First Amendment protects us from the government, but not from private companies. Within limits, the government may not tell us what we can or can’t say; no such restriction applies to private employers. If you post something that an employer does not appreciate, they have the right to fire you. This can include saying something that brings a bad reputation to the company or inappropriate comments that don’t align with company values.

Therefore, Make sure you understand the values adhered to by your company so that you are aware of what would be found a fireable offense if posted online. For example, if you are working for a religious company such as Focus on the Family, you would be expected to represent those same values as an extension of the company and its reputation.



What are some examples of posts that are potentially fireable offenses?


  • Posting political statements that are potentially offensive or
  • Unpopular opinions
  • Distasteful pictures
  • Objectionable views
  • Talking negatively about co-workers, your manager, or your boss
  • Expressing statements about the company that are damaging to business
  • Encouraging others to not visit said establishment
  • Complaining about shifts, hours, or other aspects of the job




If you want to eliminate a coworker potentially seeing something online, it might be a good idea for you to not connect with anyone from work. However, also know mutual friends with anyone from your company could have the ability to see your account as well. If your privacy settings on your account are limited, practically anyone can keep evidence of possible inappropriate posts and send it to anyone at your work. The best policy is just to not post anything that could be potential grounds for getting fired. You never know who might see it and report it.


Anything posted from a work computer is definitely going to be under scrutiny. Make sure to limit time spent on social media while on a work computer.


If you feel like you have been wrongfully fired, call the Law Office of Richard N. Grey or call (818) 345-9780 to get the professional legal advice you need.



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